GENTLEMEN OF VISION 2016-2017 Organization Cabinet at the New Member                                                                Informational

(Bottom left to right)

Secretary - Cameron Gordon

President - Joshuah Hendon

Vice President - Christopher Dailey

Member At Large - Henry Johnson


(Top left to right)

Community Service Chair - Kyle Baker

Historian - Ahmod Boyd

Head Treasurer/Sergeant At Arms - Joseph Hurd

Public Relation Officer - Omar Britt

Assistant Treasurer - Quincy Benson


Joshuah Hendon - president

"Being President of this program is a big responsibility but I have no doubt that the skills and leadership that I will bring to this position makes me well qualified. This year I will bring a lot of leadership to this organization. I will help achieve excellence and will not expect anything less from the members of the organization. Along the way, I will invest in myself to make sure that I am developing the qualities it takes to become an effective leader for the team."


Christopher Dailey - Vice President

"This year is set to bring a full stage of development as I expose the gentlemen of this organization to the key factors of being a gentleman. We will exhibit this through leadership, community service and academic excellence. Everything starts from the leadership of an organization and it is not what we do but how and why we do it." 



"This year the members in the organization will see great leadership from me. I am the voice of the organization when the President and Vice President are not active. I will display a positive attitude at all times. I will fulfill every task that is given to me with passion and a sense of urgency. The organization has my word that I will make this year a positive one."




Cameron gordon - Secretary

"My vision as Secretary, is to make sure that things within the organization are organized and going smoothly. I am also able to get the job done and I am not afraid to go above the call of duty. I will achieve this by making sure that the organization has the things they need in a timely manner and to make sure that things are taken care of effectively."



Joseph Hurd - Head Treasurer/SERGEANT-AT-ARMS

"My vision for both of the title that I hold are simple: To see that the job is done and done right. I am responsible for money being accounted for in a orderly fashion. As Sergeant-At-Arms, I will see to it that the organization is secure under my command."




Quincy Benson, Jr. - AsSt. TREASURER

"As Assistant Treasurer, I will follow behind the treasurer to make sure the money is in order. I will achieve this by making sure all receipts and checks are handled. Accountability will be given as well to the members of the organization. My job is to make sure that there are no errors in our department of revenue."




ahmod boyd - Historian

"My vision as the Historian of this organization is to learn the history and the founding of this great program. My duties are to inform others on how far the program has came to get to the point where it is now. By doing these things I plan to fulfill my duties in this position and to make sure the name Gentlemen of Vision is held to a high standard."



omar britt - public relations officer

"As the Public Relations Officer, I will keep the reputation of the organization and it's members to a highly important standard. I am the face of Gentlemen of Vision in public and will exhibit the qualities of this fine organization. I will help Gentlemen of Vision become a better organization behind the scenes and on our social media outlets. I will fulfill this title to the best of my ability."



kyle baker- Community Service chair

"As 2016-2017 Community Service Chair, I intend to establish community service outlets for the members of the organization. Although, our schedule is busy we cannot forget our main purpose which is SERVICE. This year my focus is to make sure that we are doing our part and showing our face within the communities we live in."